Registration for New Students

Registration Information


Welcome to the Lebanon School District! We are excited for you to join our Cedar Family.  Parents/Guardians can begin the student registration process following the steps listed below.

Step One - Create a parent/guardian registration gateway account.

  • If the parent/guardian has a username and password for the Registration Gateway System, please click HERE.
  • If the parent/guardian does not have a username and password, or cannot remember the username and password for the Registration Gateway System, please click HERE.

Step Two - Complete the registration gateway process and schedule a registration appointment.

Step Three - Attend the registration appointment and bring the following items. If any of the listed documents are not brought to the registration appointment, then the appointment will be rescheduled!

  • Photo identification - Parents/Guardians must bring photo identifcation to the registration appointment.
  • Required documents - Parents/guardians must bring the following documents to the registration appointment:

1. Proof of Birth – Examples: original birth certificate, resident alien card, passport, state-issued identification, or driver’s license (in the student’s name).

2. Immunization Records – documentation listing all vaccines received to date.

3. Proof of Residency / Address within the Lebanon School District 

Examples:  The lease, mortgage (showing the property address), or a current utility bill in the parent/guardian’s name.

  • If you reside with someone else and do not have any of the above in your name, we will provide you with a residency affidavit. The affidavit needs to be signed by the property owner and notarized before the student registration appointment. Please call the Child Accounting Office for more information.

4. For incoming K4 students 

  • Proof of all income
    • Examples:
      • Last calendar year's income tax return, or 
      • W2 form for all adults in the household, or
      • The last two pay stubs from all jobs of all working adults in the household, or
      • Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) cash assistance statement, or
      • Social Security statements, or
      • Child support order, or
      • Unemployment compensation.
  • Additional optional documents - previous academic paperwork that will assist the district in expediting the student's placement.
  • If the child receives Special Education Services, please bring a current individualized education plan (IEP,) and the most recent evaluations.
  • Academic records (transcripts, recent report card, progress reports, etc.)
  • Information for legal guardians - The adult attending the registration appointment must be the parent/legal guardian of the child.
    • If the adult is the child's legal guardian, a copy of the court order noting legal custody or guardianship must be submitted to the district.  
      • Please contact the Child Accounting Coordinator before the scheduled appointment to discuss the other required documentation.

Step Four - Attend the registration appointment on the selected date and time. The Lebanon School District Registration Office is located at 1000 South 8th Street, Lebanon PA 17042  

Lebanon School District Registration Office, 1000 South 8th Street Lebanon, PA 17042

(717) 273-9391 ext. 6603 or 6823

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