Transportation Contact Information


Lisa Hepler

Transportation Coordinator

Phone: 717-270-6713

Email: [email protected]


D.B. Fisher Bus Company

Phone: 717-865-3041 or 717-865-4001


Transportation Guidelines

Transportation for students is provided in accordance with the requirements of law and Board

Policy. Lebanon School District is primarily a walking district. Bus transportation is provided to

students whose home address meets the distance requirements of 1.5 miles or more for elementary

and 2 miles or more for secondary. Students must ride on the bus to which they are assigned and

only utilize thier designated bus stop.


Students with transportation in their IEP, placed in foster care, homeless or who have a medical

condition that prevents them from walking to school which is confirmed by a note from their

doctor, may also be eligible for transportation by bus or van. Transportation for medical condition is for the student only.


Students must be outside waiting for their bus or van approximately 10 minutes before their

scheduled pickup time. Buses and vans will not wait or return for students who are not at the stop

on time.


Procedures for Releasing K-4 & K-5 Students from Buses

If you have a 4 or 5 year old kindergarten child who rides the bus, you or a responsible adult, must

be at the bus stop for that child. Bus drivers must ask all children they believe to be in kindergarten

to point out the person picking them up. If the child and driver do not see this person, the drivers

have been instructed to return that child to school and the parent will be responsible for picking the

child up at school. This is for the safety of the children.


Transportation for Students in Non-Public Schools

Pennsylvania law requires school districts to transport any school-aged child enrolled in non-public

schools within ten miles of District and residing within its boundaries, if transportation is provided to the district’s own students. Transportation for non-public school students is available upon request by completing the Non-Public Transportation Request form. Please contact the school your child attends or the Lebanon School District Transportation Coordinator for more information.


Audio/Video on Buses & Vans

All D.B. Fisher buses and vans used to transport students are equipped with video and audio

recording equipment for safety and security reasons. The use of school buses and vans constitutes

consent by students and their parents to the District’s audio/video monitoring.


Bus Rules

• Obey driver’s instructions immediately and respectfully.

• No eating or drinking on the bus.

• Students must sit in their assigned seats.

• Remain seated while the bus is in motion.

• Keep all objects and body parts inside the bus, out of the aisle and to yourself.

• Use appropriate language at all times.

• No yelling.


Consequences for Misbehavior

Drivers will complete a Bus Conduct Report for disciplinary incidents on school buses and vans.

This report will be given to the building principle who will decide if disciplinary action is

necessary. A copy of the report will also be sent to the parent and transportation office.

Audio/video footage will be viewed if needed.


Transportation is a privilege, not a right. If the conduct of the student, while riding the bus or van,

is such that it jeopardizes the safety of others, or is otherwise undesirable, this privilege may be

denied. In such cases, it then becomes the responsibility of the parent to transport that student to

and from school.