Goals and Evaluations

Objective Performance Standards for Superintendent of Schools

The performance of the Superintendent shall be assessed against the objective performance standards listed below. The Board and Superintendent hereby mutually agree to the following performance standards:

Standard 1: Student Growth and Achievement

Standard 2: Organizational Leadership

Standard 3: District Operations and Financial Management

Standard 4: Communication and Community Relations

Standard 5: Human Resource Management

Standard 6: Professionalism

Performance Standards - 2022-2023

Performance Standard #1: Student Growth and Achievement

Superintendent will analyze multiple data sources, assess student growth and develop a set of metrics to drive progress across the district.

Performance Standard #2: Organizational Leadership

 Superintendent will institute the 5 Educational Priorities:

1) Data/Evidence Driven Culture
2) Relentless Culture of Reading
3) Student Centered Culture
4) College and Career Readiness
5) Culture of Community Connections

Performance Standard #3: District Operations and Financial Management

Superintendent manages effectively, ensuring completion of activities associated with the annual budget, aligning resources to support district priorities.

Performance Standard #4: Communication and Community Relations

Superintendent will build open lines of communication with stakeholders both internally and externally, by being visible at schools, school events, and through attendance at workshops, conferences, and community partnerships.



Superintendent Evaluation 2023.pdf

Performance-Standards 2022_2023.pdf

 Dr. Abrom’s SWOT Results:Educational Priorities-2018