Human Resources

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources provides services and support to the faculty and staff of the Lebanon School District in ways that embrace the district’s mission of innovation and tradition of excellence. Committed to cultivating a superior service-oriented culture, the staff seeks to provide support to employees that promote best practices in teaching and learning. Through employee induction and professional development, we foster the values of inclusiveness, camaraderie, long-term employee engagement, and life-long learning. In all areas of work, the Office of Human Resources firmly upholds the tenets of confidentiality, accountability, and trust. Many of our teachers have been recognized at the state and national levels for their accomplishments in public education. Our School District is confident that we prepare our students to be revered members of society.

Human Resources Fax number: 833-328-1416

Human Resource Staff Members:

Mr. Joshua Coatsworth

Acting Director of Human Resources & Operations

[email protected]

717-270-6729 or ext. 6729

Melanie Warner, Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Professional Staff, Teacher Certification, Tuition Reimbursement, Salary Advancements, Tenure, Attendance/Leaves of Absence for Professional and Administrative Staff

[email protected]

717-270-6730 or ext. 6730

Sandra Cruz, District/Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Support Staff, Workers Compensation, Student Discipline Hearings, Attendance/Leaves of Absence for Support Staff

[email protected]

717-273-9391, ext. 6923

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