Web Helpdesk Request Procedures

Lebanon School District utilizes Web helpdesk to track and assign work. Staff needing to report a maintenance or custodial request or concern should use the web helpdesk and simply designate the request under "problem type" as Custodial/Maintenance. Please select your room number on the dropdown.


  1. Health and safety items
  2. Corrective maintenance
  3. Planned maintenance, including filter maintenance, motor lubrication, and roof checks
  4. New items, including additional electrical receptacles and bookshelves
  5. Cosmetic changes

Requests which involve a significant expenditure of funds will need to become part of the budget building process and our long-range facilities plan.

If a problem is an emergency, the secretary in your building office should contact the building's head custodian by radio. The secretary may also assist by contacting the Buildings and Grounds Office as needed.

If your complaint is regarding room temperature, please see "Room Temperature Complaints" prior to creating a web helpdesk ticket.

Lebanon School District staff who have a concern or complaint regarding work that has been done in their building should add a note on their original web helpdesk ticket, which will reopen when you "save and email" the updated ticket. You may always contact Kathryn Minnich at [email protected].

Buildings & Grounds strives to provide clean and safe facilities and will respond to complaints in a positive and professional manner.