Federal Programs


Title I is a federal program to support literacy achievement in reading and mathematics in schools serving a high population of economically disadvantaged students. Title I supplements the local and state programs to ensure all students achieve at a high level in rigorous academic standards.

Schools qualify for Title I funds based on economic need in their community. In the Lebanon School District all our elementary schools and our middle school are designated Title I schools and receive this additional funding.

Title I improves student achievement through a variety of methods and activities in our schools:

Additional Staffing: Title I funds provide extra reading and math teachers, as well as support professionals, at our Title I schools.

Rigorous Academic Standards: The progress of all our students is monitored throughout the year to ensure they are meeting high goals.

Early Identification and Intervention: Students are assessed for additional service and receive instruction based on their needs. We offer intervention through additional teachers, computer-based programs, and classroom strategies.

Family Engagement: Our district encourages all parents to participate in their child's education and provides many ways to become involved. Parent Advisory Councils, Family Night Out activities, and school functions invite all families to come and support their children.

Professional Development: Courses and workshops for teachers are held throughout the year.