Building Maintenance


The only approved method of hanging items on walls is sticky tack. Please do not use staples, tape, or other adhesives that will pull off paint when removed or leave behind permanent damage. When Removing Sticky Tack: Pull or roll slowly in one direction to avoid damaging the wall surface.


Flushable wipes CANNOT be disposed of by flushing down a district toilet. Our pipes will clog and our plumbing system will back up.


Lebanon School District no longer allows the use of tape to mark locations on classroom and gym floors. This practice has been discontinued. Tape leaves a sticky residue when removed and lifts finish or painted lines from floors and/or walls, creating unsightly damage.


Any modifications to a building need to be approved by the building's principal. The principal will discuss the requested modification with the Director of Buildings and Grounds. A modification would include any work that would require drilling holes in floors, walls, doors, ceilings or otherwise modifying the existing structure.


Most of the requests we receive for painting come from areas where walls are damaged from abuse. We use a good quality paint, but glue, staples, tape and tacks will damage even the best paint. The Buildings and Grounds Department has a District wide painting program, which is scheduled annually. Since we have moved to using very durable but rather expensive paint, we have limited the color selections available district wide. This helps us to maintain an inventory of paint at a reasonable cost and permits us to do touch up work or paint single walls, if needed, without painting entire classrooms. Requests for painting should be submitted to the Buildings and Grounds department through the web helpdesk. Please be certain to follow district guidelines on the use of tape, staples, glue and tacks on our walls.


On a daily basis, each building's head custodian completes a playground walk-through. Monthly, the playgrounds are more thoroughly inspected for safety by a maintenance technician. Our athletic fields are intensively managed utilizing the latest horticultural practices. The turf will handle only a certain amount of wear, so we ask that you help to spread wear over the entire playing surface. By moving goals for shooting drills, wear is moved away from the original goalmouth to another part of the field. This helps to improve turf conditions at the goal area. Should you observe any unsafe conditions, please report them to your principal or building custodian, and please follow up with a web helpdesk ticket as soon as possible.

We make every attempt to coordinate loud jobs, such as mowing the lawn, around the educational process. We work around the testing schedule and other school activities as notified.


Items lost by students or faculty and found by Buildings & Grounds staff will be turned into the school building's front office.